Big notice for you Warhammer Fantasy Players

On the day of the event we will have live scoring. Thanks to Google Docs, we are sharing the scoring spreadsheet live with all of you so that you can see not only your scores, but your opponent’s scores as well. I have a new recruit helping me this year with the scoring so please be gentle. If you see a scoring error and let us know right away. There is no reason that there are any errors in scoring this year and with your help not only will you know your score, but you should have a feel for where you are in the event.

Additionally, we have added the popular Player’s Choice award. Please ensure that your armies are presented with your names on them for Player’s Choice judging. Player’s Choice will go to the player with the most votes, even if they won one of the other major awards. When judging Player’s Choice I highly recommend you take in the appearance, display boards, and composition of the list. Obviously, you can’t see all of the tricks of the list with it sitting there, but it should give you an idea.

Finally, the tournament packets this year are actually a packet. Included in your packet will be a cover sheet, a break down of the micro prizes, scenarios (with round scoring at the bottom of each scenario), 3 copies of your army list as it was submitted to the tournament judges and the last sheet is for Sportsmanship and Player’s Choice scoring. If you did not submit your list early, then be prepared to show up with 4 copies of your list. One for the tournament judges, and 3 for your opponents. Each scenario will specify when you should share your list with your opponent. Present the copy of your list from your tournament packet in all cases for this (except those of you who submit it day of). Each copy of your list that was submitted was ran through Army Builder and printed in that format so that items, profiles, and points values are clear and consistent to each player. If you did submit your list early, please review the list in your tournament packet to ensure that it is correct for what you are playing. While I don’t feel that I have made any errors with the lists and transposing them, this is your opportunity to get your discount double check.