Warhammer Fantasy Awards changes

With just a few days to go, I wanted to announce a major change to what has been advertised as the Tournament Warlord prize for the Warhammer Fantasy tournament. It’s gone. That’s right…poof!

What we are doing is making it 3 prizes instead of one. More winners is better anyways! This will be given as a prize for the same requirements as Tournament Warlord was, but the field will be split into Forces of Order, Forces of Destruction, and everything else in the same manner as the Warhammer Rulebook defines these armies in the allies section.

I have also been asked if the site will be updated for who is bringing what army. If I get a chance to update that, I will, but I will be releasing the scoring sheet for this year to the site Thursday night which has all of this information updated based on list submissions that I have received.