Warhammer Fantasy List Submission

November 15th, 2013 is the due date for list submissions for Merry Mayhem 2013. If your lists are not time stamped November 15th, 2013 before Midnight in our inbox, you will be considered late on your submission and not earn your bonus point. Get your list in to help us out and we’ll help you out with a bonus point towards your sportsmanship score!

As always, lists we receive prior to the submission (we make best effort on any after the fact) will have 3 copies for you to distribute to your opponents in your packet at Merry Mayhem.  Just an added bonus for getting it in on time.

If you aren’t sure you have submitted your list, as we are starting to receive a steady flood of them please check the Players page in the Warhammer Fantasy drop down. Early means we have check your list and it is verified. Received means it’s in the queue to be checked. If it checks ok, you get your bonus point. If it fails, well, you should have checked your math. If there is some software glitch we’ll give you a chance to correct it once.

If you didn’t see all ready, there is a mighty fine axe that we are giving to the Overall winner this year. Hope your stoked, cause we are too.

Finally, we have been asked if we are going to release the Merry Mayhem scenarios early. The answer is no. It ‘s not fair to those who submitted their lists early to publish them at this point in case they wanted to make changes based on those scenarios. Check out the 2012 scenarios for ideas on what we do. I can confirm that something along the lines of Perfect Tree is in the works and that there will be no Dawn Attack deployment.