Warhammer Fantasy Registration for 2014


It is with great pride today that not only that we are able to announce that Merry Mayhem 2014 will once again be held at the VFW Day Post 7591 (same as last year’s venue), but that Warhammer Fantasy registration is also live.

Merry Mayhem will be on November 22nd, 2014. This is a couple weeks earlier then previous years, and hopefully, just hopefully, we’ll be able to avoid a blizzard, snow storm, or other terrible weather that Mother Nature finds a way to bless us with like last year.

Registration is just $20 before November 1st for this event and paid reservations are the only way to guarantee your spot. We have also opened up registration to 48 Players. That’s right, 48 Warhammer players making this one of the largest single day tournaments in not only the Midwest, but also the country!

To help players settle in we have done a couple of things that will be new this year. First, we are stealing an idea for Waaaghpaca and introducing self judge paint check lists. This way, as our judges rush to check all of your armies in a very short amount of time (while we are trying to feed you, answer rules questions, and such all in the same day) you can help us out. Our paint judge will have the final say in your score. We are also reserving 10 points that are award-able only by our judge. We are also bringing on a new, head paint judge. Brian Kuehni, host of WiscoDice, and previously has staffed as the ringer the last several years will be taking on this new role.

We have also released almost the entirety of the tournament pack including 2014 scenarios through the Warhammer Fantasy dropdown on the site. Read them over. All of the scenarios are victory point based, but objective points are sure to play a massive role this year in who wins and loses.

If you have feedback about any of the scenarios or the rules pack, please use the Requests and Submissions page to submit your request.

Finally, Early registration, list submission and payment are due by November 1st, 2014. If paying after this, the cost of this event will go up for you to $25. There are no refunds available after November 1st, except for exceptional reasons.

Remember, we play with our toys so that the kids can too!