Warhammer Fantasy 2014 Paint Checklist

Our hard working head appearance judge, Brian, has put together this year’s painting “self check list”. A copy will be provided in the player’s rules pack, but they must be completed and left out by their army by lunch. Since this is a “self check list”, players may print out and rate their armies using this check list prior to the event and bring it with them. This will make it easy for the judges to come around, validate that things are correct with the army displayed and award any bonus judge points that they feel are appropriate. When you review the paint check list, note that it is pretty much the same list used at Adepticon last year. After all, if it isn’t broke, why fix it.

We are using a self check with 25 points possible to be earned from the self check. You will note that there is 35 points available. If you go over, you will only be awarded the max points of 25 from the “self check list”. This isn’t a mistake. Not every army might have room for freehand on banners, but have expert highlighting on the muscles. Every player should be able to earn these 25 points without killing themselves. Our judging staff will double check that you have scored your army honestly during the lunch period. At that time, the judge will award a final ten points. We haven’t worked out all of the details as to what and how we are looking at awarding these last ten points, but look for this in a future post.

MerryMayhem 2014 Paint Checklist