Warhammer Fantasy List Construction

We have been asked by a few folks how we are handling 50% Lords/Heroes for Warhammer Fantasy this year since the new FAQ dropped. With 8 days before the lists need to be submitted and with us having all ready received lists from folks we are sticking with 25% Lords/Heroes and previously indicated when we ruled on allowing Undead Legion.

Additionally, the new nurgle units and anything that is coming via The End Times Book 2 will not be in effect at Merry Mayhem. White Dwarf copies of the rules and no hard back book makes us feel that there hasn’t been sufficient time for folks to be able to play against these armies and adjust for them within their lists.

We apologize in advance if you were hoping to have these rules in effect for this event. In all honesty, our biggest effort and concern is ensuring that our players have a good time and enjoy themselves and these decisions where made with this first and foremost on our minds.