Warhammer Fantasy Update

We are busy watching and receiving a ton of list submissions today. Remember, November 1st is the last day to get your lists in early for that precious bonus Sportsmanship point.

It also is the last day for early registration. After today, the price tag bumps up to $25 and you won’t get the bonus sportsmanship point for registering early.

List Submissions I have updated the Registered Players List with everyone I have seen army lists from. I will try to flag these as received through today (November 1st) in as near real time as I can. If you don’t see yourself on this with list submitted, and you believe you have sent it in, please resend it to bcone@wwhfb.com

Registered Players List

Finally, folks might question if they can use any of the rules from the new End Times supplement Glottkin. The answer is no. Just like we are keeping lords/heroes at 25% respectively, we are not allowing this at this year’s Merry Mayhem. Heck, Conesy hasn’t even gotten his own copy of the book yet.