Merry Mayhem 2014 in Pictures

Pictures are available via Google Plus

Thanks to all of you for making it another year.

Tournament Champion: Eric West – High Elves
Champion of Light and 2nd overall: Ryan Nicol – High Elves
Champion of Darkness: Dustin Vogel – Orcs and Goblins
Bringer of Balance: Chris Broeska – Ogre Kingdoms
Champion of the Brush: Johnny Hastings
Da Good Fella: Andrew Niekamp
The Wooden Spoon: Robert Elmer

Regarding my crew, this was the most organized and best crew I have ever had. On the day of, we blew through set up completing that in about an hour, most of the day I was able to focus on working with the main table collecting scores as people turned them in, answering rules questions, and trying to ensure everyone there was enabled to have a good time. A big thanks to the crew and those that helped with terrain leading up to the event.

Tournament Organizer and rules judge: Ben Cone
Head appearance judge and secondary rules judge: Brian Kuehni
Head scorekeeper: Sean Luck
Ringer and general extra set of hands: Brian Arey

Finally a big thanks to Pegasus Games who was in attendance and helped us put together the charity raffle for this year’s Merry Mayhem.