Merry Mayhem 2015 Announced

Mayhem2009DonationsHey all, Merry Mayhem 2015 is officially announced. Merry Mayhem will indeed happen, December 12, 2015. This year we will occupy the game room at Pegasus Games, Madison, WI. As this significantly reduces the costs to run this years event, expect the ticket price to go down. Tickets will go on sale soon so stay tuned for more details.

There will be some significant changes to the format of this years event. As we all know, there were significant changes in the Warhammer Fantasy game that has been the foundation of this great event for all of these years and it has been a long hard road to try to make the decisions necessary to ensure that this year’s Mayhem would come together and what game systems would be featured.

As always, Merry Mayhem strives to be progressive and a leader in the event scene taking on the new challenges and trying things that may not be seen at other events or attempted. As when 8th edition launched and there was not a good feel for how to build a tournament for the game, Merry Mayhem will feature the new Age of Sigmar system for this years games. A full rules pack and composition rules will be made available in the coming weeks.

The organizers are currently reviewing all other events that have run before it and are looking for a good way to combine this into the event. Merry Mayhem will also feature a unique, narrative event that will group players into a team structure. This will not be club based, but more closely represent the faction system. As a faction does well in the round, so to will it set the battleplan that is used for the following round. In this, a unique narrative will be told during the event and allow players from different regions to have more of a recent to seek out their allies and plot the destruction of their enemies.