Bolt Action List Creation Rules Updated!!!

If you are interested in the Bolt Action event, you are going to be excited for these rules updates to the tournament pack. List creation rules are available. Note that these are still subject to change since we are basing these rules on the current edition and don’t know what’s changing in second edition Bolt Action, but this should make for a fun and open gaming environment for everyone attending this years event.

Army Construction (subject to change based on 2nd Edition rules):

  • Army lists will use all of the Armies of … books that have been released by Warlord Games up to 1 month prior to the event.
  • Theater selectors will be legal
  • Tank formations from Tank Wars will not be used
  • Armies must consist of one Reinforced platoon to not exceed 16 order dice. “Free” units do not count towards this 16 order dice total, such as the Soviet free inexperienced rifleman.
  • Armies must take a Lt that matches the majority of the armies experience level or be rated higher.  (60% of units are Regular then the Lt must also be taken as Regular or Veteran)
  • Horse drawn limbers as a tow will be used
  • The Chinese army list from Empires in Flames may be used. These are the only rules that will be allowed from this supplement.
  • Vehicle flame throwers are not allowed in this event.