Charity Raffle and Bolt Action Updates

Merry Mayhem is proud to announce some of this year’s charity raffle give prizes and armies that we are giving away. We aren’t done adding stuff to that list, but this is going to be the biggest year for big prizes we have ever had. I hope your excited because so are we!!!!

What do we have to give away? Here goes!!!

  1. Bolt Action United States Bolt Action Starter Army (that’s over 1000 points in models and a competitive tournament force can be built from that)
  2. Infinity US Adriana Army Pack (Ref #: 280007-0540)
  3. Wrath of Kings Nasier Starter Box
  4. An Age of Sigmar Army (contents to be determined yet)

On the Bolt Action side the tournament package including scoring and details on the awards are up on the Bolt Action Tournament Info page. Just select it from the Tournaments drop down on the top of the site or go here and check it out!!!

We have also added a Board Game Bazaar with games you will be able to check out with your Merry Mayhem badge. Several titles are listed currently and there will be more to come. Keep looking for more after hours events as we get them lined up.

Finally, you might have noticed a few changes with the navigation menus up on the top of the site. It’s getting crowded up there with all of the events we have going on.