Tournament Information

Thank you for your interest in the AoS narrative tournament. The following is the event details that will shape up this event. The final event packet may be subject to changes.

2015-12-12 11.09.15

Tournament Organizer: John Wenger
Full Weekend Event (Saturday and Sunday)
Rounds: 5 (3 Saturday, 2 Sunday)
Registration: Registration details are on the registration page

Army List Construction: Armies will be built using the General’s Handbook. Armies must be created from a single Grand Alliance of no more than 2000 points adhering to the Battlehost regulations. Please see the rules erratta for additional adjustments to the base army building list construction rules.

Army List Submission: Final army lists need to be submitted before midnight on Sunday November 13th to receive one Re-roll. Lists must be submitted in typed format in the following format:

Name – Club – Alliance
Number of Models – Warscroll – Battlefield Role – Points per Warscroll

Example List:
John Wenger – Screw City Gamers – Chaos
1 Chaos Lord of Slaanesh – Leader – 100
1 Chaos Sorcerer Lord – Leader – 140
1 Herald of Slaanesh – Leader – 60
1 Daemon Prince – Leader / Behemoth – 160
15 Chaos Warriors – Battleline – 270
15 Chaos Warriors – Battleline – 270
20 Daemonettes – Battleline – 240
5 Chaos Knights – 200
2 Chaos Chariots – 160
5 Hellstriders – 100
1 Hellcannon – Artillery – 300

Total 2000

Contact us to submit your army list today!

Painting, Modeling, and Basing

All rules in the Merry Mayhem event policies will be applied during this event. In addition, there are additional comments regarding these topics from the tournament organizer.

All models used must be fully painted miniatures of the appropriate type for the troops they represent. The minimum requirement is 3 colors in an appropriate scheme, with textured/painted bases. Models not painted or based WILL be removed as casualties by the tournament organizers and will be unable to take part in the tournament. You must play with a fully painted army. All unit options and command models must be shown on the models, for example, if the models in a Liberator unit have Sigmarite Hammers and a Grandhammer you cannot use the rules for Sigmarite Swords and a Grandblade. Proxies are not allowed. “Alternative” models are fine, but for example using an Empire Griffin as a Terrorgheist is not. If you are not sure what constitutes a proxy then it is best to check it with us beforehand to avoid problems later.

Bases:  In our attempt to be as inclusive as possible to our players, models will not need to be on round or oval bases. However, it is encouraged. Below, we have provided a handy reference chart for those wishing to rebase.

Old Base (squares) = Appropriate New (round & oval)

  • 20mm x20mm = 25mm Round
  • 25mm x25mm = 32mm Round
  • 25mm x 50mm = 75mmx46mm / 60mm x 35mm Oval
  • 40mmx40mm = 40 mm Round
  • 50mmx50mm = 50mm Round
  • 50mm x 75mm = 90mm x 52mm Oval
  • 50mm x 100mm = 105mm x 70mm / 120mm x 92mm Oval
  • 150mm x 100mm = 170mm x 105mm Oval

Please note there is a bit of play in this (for example if you decide to put a character on the next size up this is fine, but you should never go down in size.) It is best to contact us if you have concerns. As a general rule, if Games Workshop packs the model on that base, it should be minimum on that size.

What Do I Need to Bring Besides My Army?

  • Dice and Tape Measure (and a D10 if you have it!)
  • Wound markers and buff counters (optional but highly recommended!)
  • A set of “The Rules” or access to a PDF/the Warhammer app on a tablet/phone.
  • A copy of all warscroll’s being used or access to the Warhammer app (these are all free from GW so no excuse! – we recommend printing them for quick reference during a game)
  • A printed army list for your opponent in each game and the Organizer (total of 6)
  • A Snowman modeled on either a 40mm or a 50mm Base. The Snowman will be used for two of the Scenarios during the Event. The Snowman must be painted and based, but otherwise you may do as you wish with it.


  • Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer – The player who finds the List
  • Best Christmas Ever! (Best Overall): Battle Points + Objective Points + Appearance Points + Sportsmanship Points
    • 1st Tiebreaker: Sportsmanship Points
    • 2nd Tiebreaker: Battle Points
    • 3rd Tiebreaker: Objective Points
  • Santa’s Little Helper (Best General): Battle Points + Objective Points
    • 1st Tiebreaker: Sportsmanship Points
    • 2nd Tiebreaker: Objective Points
    • 3rd Tiebreaker: Battle Points
  • Santa’s Workshop Foreman (Best Appearance): Highest Appearance Points
    • Tiebreaker: Judges’ Choice
  • Jolly Old Elf (Best Sports): Sportsmanship Points + Sportsmanship Votes
    • 1st Tiebreaker: Battle Points
    • 2nd Tiebreaker: Objective Points
    • 3rd Tiebreaker: Overall Placing
  • Best Order: Highest ranked Order Player not winning Best Overall or Best General
  • Best Chaos: Highest ranked Chaos Player not winning Best Overall or Best General
  • Best Death: Highest ranked Death Player not winning Best Overall or Best General
  • Best Destruction: Highest ranked Destruction Player not winning Best Overall or Best General
  • Frosty the Snowman (favorite Snowman as voted upon by the Players)


  • Dice Rolls for Scenario Effects: Many the scenarios have instances where you must roll a dice, these rolls can never be re rolled or modified by abilities or rules from warscrolls/formations.
  • Terrain Warscrolls: Unless both players agree terrain warscrolls will not be used unless specified in the scenario. Abilities which summon terrain can be used as normal. Order players may give two woods on the table the “Sylvaneth Wyldwood” keyword (please note special rules for the warscroll are not used but count as Wyldwoods for effects/abilities).

With regards to the secondary & tertiary objectives, we will use the Sudden Death Objectives from the main AoS rules. These do not grant immediate victory, but will instead award Battle Points. Additional addendum will be used to update the Sudden Death Objectives listed below:

  • Assassinate – The enemy player picks a unit with the Hero, Wizard, Priest, and/or Monster keyword in their Warband. Slay the unit that they pick. If the unit does not set up on the board for whatever reason, or if your opponent has no eligible unit, you automatically achieve that objective.
  • Blunt – The enemy player picks a unit with five or more models in their Warband. Slay the unit that they pick. If the unit does not set up on the board for whatever reason, or if your opponent has no eligible unit, you automatically achieve that objective.
  • Endure – Pick a unit with five or more models in your Warband. This unit must survive with at least one model alive at the end of the fifth Battle Round. If this unit does not set up on the table before the end of the third Battle Round, you automatically forfeit this objective.

Any unit that does not start a Battle Round on the table cannot score game points for the scenario until it has been on the table for a complete Battle Round.

The Three Rules of One
The three rules of one will be used for this event.

Rules Errata
Besides the Errata from Games Workshop, the following Errata will be used:

  • In Army Creation, Warscrolls may be split between two units. For example, you can split a third Warscroll of ten Chaos Warriors between two units, so you have two units of 15 Warriors each.
  • Ranges will be measured from base to base, not from model to model.
  • Saves cannot be increased beyond a 1+ regardless of additional modifiers (cover, Mystic Shield, etc.).
  • Bases cannot overlap for purposes of piling in and making attacks.
  • If at any time you or your opponent has no models left on the table with no additional units to set up after the game begins, the game is over immediately.
  • Age of Sigmar: Glorious Victories, Sudden Death Victories, and Triumph Rules will not be used except where indicated
  • All terrain will be predetermined.
  • For purposes of Wound Allocation, you continue to allocate Wounds to a model until it is slain, regardless of what phase it is or the unit attacking. For instance, if you do 3 unsaved Wounds to a 3 Ogor unit in the Shooting Phase, you continue to allocate Wounds to the wounded model until its slain in future phases. Continuing the example, you cannot have an Ogor with 4 Wounds remaining, another with 1 Wound remaining, and a third with 3 Wounds remaining.
  • In the case of Warmachines with separate crew, the machine and the crew will be considered one unit for the purpose of wound allocation. The controlling player may decide how wounds are allocated, but once wounds have been put on the machine itself, further wounds must be allocated to the machine until it is destroyed.
  • Warscrolls from the Grand Alliance Chaos, Death, & Order books will be used, a number of these have been updated, please double check your Warscrolls. No new Warscrolls will be allowed if released on or after November 1st, 2016.
  • You may only have 1 of each type of command model per unit.
  • Order Armies can only have 1 deployed unit equipped with Ghal Maraz.
  • Chaos Armies can only have 1 deployed unit with the Archaon Keyword.