Charity Raffle

SantasCollectionOfToysfortheKidsWe play with our toys at Merry Mayhem so that kids who may not otherwise will have toys to play with as well this year for the holidays. Every year, this is the pride of event as we get set to raise as much money as we can for Toys for Tots. This year, our target goal is $1000 between toys and cash donations. With your help folks, we cannot not only make this mark but exceed it by leaps and bounds!!!

How does it work? Bring a toy or pay $10 for 3 raffle tickets or $4 for 1 raffle ticket. If the toy is not deemed worth $10 dollars (aka, a hot wheels car) an equivalent value in raffle tickets will be awarded based on judges discretion. You do not need to be a participant of the tournaments at Merry Mayhem to participate, however, you must be present to win.

What can I win? An army possibly or tons of other great models, all brand new, all in shrink wrap, all donated by WiscoDice and our sponsors.

How do I win? Well, the first thing is that you need to be there on the day of and buy some raffle tickets. You can place your tickets in one of the bins. You must be present to win when your number is called during the charity raffle. If you do not come up in a timely fashion when your number is called, your opportunity to win the prize is forfeit for that drawing and that ticket will be removed from further opportunities to be drawn.