Bolt Action Tournament Information

2016-06-28 20.45.10Tournament Organizer: Ben Cone
Registration: Registration details are on the registration page
Points: 1250 points
Rounds: 5 rounds
Time per round: 2.5 hours
Rule set: Bolt Action 2nd Edition

Army Construction (subject to change based on 2nd Edition rules):

  • Army lists will use all of the Armies of … books that have been released by Warlord Games up to 1 month prior to the event.
  • Theater selectors from the appropriate Armies of … books will be legal
  • Armies must be all from one platoon. Multiple platoons in one list is not legal for this event.
  • Tank formations from Tank Wars will not be used
  • There will be no order dice cap
  • Armies must take a Lt that matches the majority of the armies experience level or be rated higher.  (Example: 60% of units are Regular then the Lt must also be taken as Regular or Veteran)
  • Horse drawn limbers as a tow will be used
  • The Chinese army list from Empires in Flames may be used. These are the only rules that will be allowed from this supplement.
  • Vehicle flame throwers are not allowed in this event.

Each player will be required to bring 6 copies of their army list to the event. 1 copy will be provided to the TO and then 1 copy for each of their opponents. This event is open list.

Objective Markers: Each player will need to be bring 3 objective markers. These will only be used in certain scenarios/tables.

Scenarios and tables: Each table will have it’s own unique scenario to match the terrain to capture classic and thematic scenarios and battlefields of WW2. Scenarios will be posted ahead of the event (hopefully 30 days or more prior to the event) to allow players to review and send in any questions/comments and play out any of the scenarios that they would like to try.

Table and Player Pairings: Players will be assigned tables randomly as well as opponents during the first round, though it will be our best effort to match up Axis vs. Allies for all games on Saturday. During further rounds, match ups will be based on a swiss style pairing with the highest total battle and objective points playing the next highest. Thus, on Saturday we will match the top Axis player vs. the top Allies player and so forth. Each table assignment will be randomly generated, though we will do our best to not have anyone play on a table that they have previously played on in the event.

Event Scoring:
Battle Points: Each game will be evaluated as a win/loss/draw/gave up with a set number of battle points based on these criteria. Max battle points will thus be 75 points for the event.

  • Win – 15 points
  • Draw – 10 points
  • Loss – 5 points
  • Gave up – 0 points

Objective Points: Each game will have up to 5 objective points that can be earned based on the scenario that is being played. Since each table’s scenario is unique, these points will be uniquely rewarded based on this. This means that over the 5 rounds there will be a max of 25 objective points that can be earned!

Appearance Points: This will be a judge based award with a range of 0-35. We will be using a paint checklist for appearance scoring. Players will be provided a self paint check list for their armies in the rules pack. Up to 25 points will be able to be awarded from this checklist and is available for download using the link below. The other 10 points will be awarded by the judges and will be awarded to the exceptional hobby and painted armies based on the following criteria.

  • Top 50% of the event +2 points
  • Top 25% of the event +2 points
  • Top 10% of the event +2 points
  • Top 5% of the event +2 points
  • Best Appearance of the event +2 points

2016 Painting Checklist Download

Gentleman Points: Players will be awarded Gentleman points for helping make the event run smooth and being great sportsman. There are 18 points available for Gentleman Points. The points will be awarded as follows:

  • +1 point – Submitting your list to the TO by midnight (US Central Time stamped in the TO’s inbox) by October 31st, 2016
  • +1 point – Registering for the event prior to October 31st, 2016 (this includes getting on the wait list if one is needed)
  • +1 point – For bringing a toy donation for Toys for Tots
  • +1 point – For not being a troublemaker and getting a warning from the event
  • +1 point – For completing at least 3 of your 5 games before time is called
  • +1 point – For each best opponent vote that you receive at the end of the event
  • +1 point – For each hanoswag opponent vote that you receive at the end of the event for having a fluffy list they played against
  • +1 point – For each check on the sportsmanship judging at the end of each round (Max 3 points)

No tournament is complete without a list of awards, and this year is no different!!!! The following is a list of the awards and how you win them!!! Awards are listed in the order that they are earned. For example, if you are the tournament champion you cannot also win Best Allied.

Tournament Champion: The tournament champion will be the player who scores the most total points in the tournament, combining battle points, objective points, appearance and gentleman point scoring.

Best Allied/Axis General: The best allied/axis general, respectively, based on total battle points and objective points. If there is a tie, gentleman points will be the tie breaker.

Best Gentleman The player who earned the most gentleman points. If there is a tie, total battle and objective points will be the tie breaker.

Best Appearance The player who earns the most appearance points. This score cannot be tied so there will only be one possible winner!!!!

Hanoswag The player who earned the most Hanoswag votes. If there is a tie, total appearance points will be the tie breaker.

Wooden Spoon The player who earned the lowest overall score that did not drop out of the event.