Infinity ITS Tourament

Merry Mayhem is excited to have Infinity the Game join the roster of events for 2016. Here are the initial details for the event.

Date: November 19, 2016 (one day event)
Registration: Registration details are on the registration page
Rounds: 4
Event Start: 10 am
Round length: 2 hours (subject to change)
Army Lists: 300 points, 6 SWC standard ITS rules, No Spec Ops
Missions: Missions subject to change with the Arrival of the 2017 season.

  • Firefight
  • Highly classified
  • Supplies
  • Safe Area

# of Participants: 20. There is sum flexibility at this time to grow this, but we are limited more on the amount of terrain we have available than space. If you have terrain and are interested in bringing/helping please use the form on the Contacts and Submissions page to let us know!!!!

2016-07-28 23.06.04