Infinity Narrative

Merry Mayhem is excited to have Infinity the Game join the roster of events for 2016. Here are the initial details for the event.

Tournament Organizer: Ben Cone
Date: November 20, 2016 (one day event)
Registration: Registration details are on the registration page
Rounds: 4
Event Start: 9 am
Round length: 2 hours (subject to change)
Army Lists: 300 points, 6 SWC standard ITS rules, No Spec Ops
Missions: You will find out. Mission Intel and the narrative elements will give clues to mission goals.
# of Participants: 20.

Players will be split into teams. Teams will be split evenly over all players with the goal to try to have as thematic of teams as possible. Each team will be trying to stop (or help) the EXITIUM complete their goals. All of humanity and the defense of Paradiso may well fall to your team’s shoulders. It’s an epic fight that your specialist groups will be certain to try to over come. Groups will attempt to combine players of similar factions.

Through the course of the event players through both their in game success and that of their team’s success will gain boons and hindrances based on their performance. The winner of the event will be selected from the player who is part of the most successful team that has the most success in the final round.

Other awards will be given out throughout the event to award successful narrative play.

2016-07-28 23.06.04
The story thus far…..

On Paradiso, there is much war as the major human powers battle to hold back the might of the EI. The battle has raged for far longer than many had ever thought, but still the might of the Combined Army presses on. On the planet, it is a bright day with great weather. Across the planet, simultaneously and in multiple languages, the following message is broadcast.


This is the EXITIUM. In 8 hours all systems will be corrupted on Paradiso and will be under our control. The corruption of civilization of technology must be cleansed and purified. Dependance on Aleph and other AI’s must come to an end. Humanity must purify if they are to overcome the inevitable.


At the end of the transmission, all screens return to normal. At that, your comms equipment begins to chirp. Intelligence has reported the location of a possible lead. You are being dispatched to obtain and interrogate a possible source for intel.