Merry Mayhem Extra Curricular Activities

This year at Merry Mayhem we are proud to announce 2 activities that we will be hosting outside of the event. As traditional, we will be going to the Great Dane (Great Dane Pub Eastside, 876 Jupiter Dr, Madison, WI 53718) after clean up is complete for after Mayhem dinner/drinks […]

Warhammer Fantasy Update

We are busy watching and receiving a ton of list submissions today. Remember, November 1st is the last day to get your lists in early for that precious bonus Sportsmanship point. It also is the last day for early registration. After today, the price tag bumps up to $25 and […]

Warhammer Fantasy List Construction

We have been asked by a few folks how we are handling 50% Lords/Heroes for Warhammer Fantasy this year since the new FAQ dropped. With 8 days before the lists need to be submitted and with us having all ready received lists from folks we are sticking with 25% Lords/Heroes […]

Warhammer Fantasy and the Nagash Rules

We have received a number of inquiries regarding the Nagash supplement and we have been discussing it quite a bit between ourselves. Indeed, I have even played a couple of games with the rules to give them a go in practice. Here is how we will incorporate the rules from […]

Warhammer Fantasy 2014 Paint Checklist

Our hard working head appearance judge, Brian, has put together this year’s painting “self check list”. A copy will be provided in the player’s rules pack, but they must be completed and left out by their army by lunch. Since this is a “self check list”, players may print out […]


2014 Charity Raffle Grand Prize

I know that we announced the army. I know that there is a list of the stuff, but today I picked up the army and Wow, that is a lot of stuff. A lot of really cool stuff. I tell you what, someone is going to have an army that […]

New Sponsor: Pegasus Games

Merry Mayhem is proud to announce that for 2014, we have a new sponsor Pegasus Games. Selling games you never outgrow for more then 30 years here in Madison, WI Pegasus Games has been a great venue for generations of gamers in the area. Pegasus Games is the sponsor of […]

Warhammer Fantasy Registration for 2014

WooHoo!!!!! It is with great pride today that not only that we are able to announce that Merry Mayhem 2014 will once again be held at the VFW Day Post 7591 (same as last year’s venue), but that Warhammer Fantasy registration is also live. Merry Mayhem will be on November […]

Merry Mayhem 2014

Hey all, I have been getting asked a lot recently about when exactly Merry Mayhem will be this year. I am hoping to lock down the venue in the next couple of weeks. Once that is complete, we will open up registration and publish the rules pack shortly there after. […]

Merry Mayhem 2013 Thanks You

Merry Mayhem would like to thank everyone that came out and helped participate with the event this year. We hope that you all had a very Merry Mayhem. Each year, people from all over the Midwest come to Madison Wisconsin and help us raise toys and money for Toys for […]